It is a wall diving suitable for all divers, as it does not have any particular difficulty.

Degree of difficultyLow for both itineraries
Maximum Depth20 meters (green route)
26 meters (red route)
Duration35 minutes (green route)
45 minutes (red route)
InterestNot to be missed
Protected Sea AreaB


We descend along the top of the gavitello up to 12 meters on a white rock plain covered with peacock tail and proliferous caulerpa. Moving westward, keeping the coast to our right, we find a circular basin that drops by 4 meters, whose south side is bordered by two arches. Then we head to the left under the smallest one where a slit opens up in which there are numerous threshing kings. Facing this opening there is a large circular mass, which at 17 meters has a horizontal slit frequented by cernie and corvine. From here opens a wide canal that descends steeply down to the sandy bottom of 26 meters. Its walls offer numerous rich life buffets and colorful crowning bodies. The right wall of the canyon will be seen on the opposite side of the largest arch. Here, on the sand you can encounter octopus and trigonus fish, while in the nearby crevices we can see the rings. Then we enter the arch to appease the spectacular light games crossing the numerous vault openings. Below the largest of these we will find a statue of Our Lady. The walls are covered with numerous and colorful sponges of different varieties. Particularly during the warmer months it is possible to observe them stretching to the bottom for the gem. Exit on the north side, head left, climb on the plateau at 12 meters and, crossing the two arches, meet salty, gazebo and chestnuts, and watch millions of our bubbles trace the crawls of the vault to the surface. Then we head to the gavitello.