Caves Of The Cape

It is a wall diving suitable for all divers, as it does not have any particular difficulty. However, it is advisable to check the presence of current and to check during the dive the maximum planned depth because the bottom of the wall degrades to over 30 meters.

Degree of difficultyLow for both itineraries
- Medium, with current presence
Maximum Depth20 meters (green route)
30 meters (red route)
- Average if current is present to the south
Duration35 minutes (green route)
45 minutes (red route)
InterestNot to be missed
Protected sea areaA


We go down the top of the gavitello and holding the wall on our right we head towards the massive masonry, which many spread out of the wall for dozens of meters. On these mounds you can find bangs of bandaged saragies, salts and goggles, and you can meet crowds, corvines and squares. Approaching the cliff that falls vertical up to almost 20 m, we see, shortly before ending on the bottom, a slit and then a big opening. The latter is usually frequented by a large grouper, and leads to the west side of Capo Murro of Porco. Going back we follow the wall on our left and, by reducing the depth, we will see opening in the cliff, from the 16 m, a deep and high corridor out in front of the mooring mooring. This corridor is spectacular both for the light games due to the two openings and for the colored walls of sponges, briozes, and sea daisies. Finally, following the wall on the left, there are three caves accessible through three wide openings that from 8-10 m are almost on the surface. The first two are very close to each other, the third is seen after a few tens of meters passed a recess of the rock. We can safely enter these caves, as they can not be dangerous because they are large, without bifurcations and with the rocky bottom. In addition, our bubbles can not cause any damage as the cave times are almost on the surface and therefore affect the wave motion.