Deep Sea Fishing

Extensive riding experience with fully equipped dinghies for various fishing techniques with live bait.

On board Fabio Deffar and Toni Garro will demonstrate and practice live-grab fishing and drifting, or even inchiku, kabura, vertical jigging and Slow Pitch.

Underwater shooting will be performed with Water Wolf.

Departures take place every day from the Ognina Port of Syracuse and the Sbarcadero of Syracuse.

Activity is recommended to both beginners and fishermen.

Fabio Deffar

Born in Cagliari on January 25, 1966, at the age of five he moved to Syracuse, for reasons of his father’s work, and since then has shown deep passion for the liquid element. His first steps in the world of fishing are underwater, following his father apnea, but also by boat, practicing hunting and trolling. Soon, good results are at a competitive level in underwater fishing, now practiced sporadically.

Over the last few years, it has been successfully dedicated to various techniques from the boat, such as live trawling and drifting. But its particular skill expresses it in vertical techniques: inchiku, kabura, vertical jigging. Lately, experimenting with the new technique from the Sol Levante, Slow Pitch, has been able to make numerous catches, especially snappers.

Gaetano Garro

Toni to his friends, born in Siracusa in 1982, since her father’s inherited love for fishing and the sea, soon become a constant in her life, which, with synergy, alternates with family and work activities.

Upon reaching the eldest age, its horizons widen with greater autonomy on a boat before and a rubber dinghy then, means that will in time become inseparable peacocks. Having steadily practiced all the main fishing techniques from the boat, in 2008 he approached with the brand-new fishing technique made in Japan … Vertical Jigging will keep him 100% committed for 3-4 years allowing him to experience good experience with great results.

Now it alternates naturally, depending on weather conditions and seasons, the main fishing techniques from the boat such as bolentino, coastal walk, live trolling, drifting to tuna, vertical jigging and its variations kabura, inchiku, slow pitch making jokes fishing along the beautiful waters facing the Siracusana coast. Since 2014 he has been working as a pro-staff for the Bluesprings Company.

NotesThe price includes fuel cost, snack, live bait and fishing equipment.
Discount 5% own equipment (reel and accessories)
DurationDuration From 06.30 to 13.00 (half day)
From 06.30 to 18.00 (one day)
Price (half day)€ 175,00 (per person per group 3 guests)
€ 190,00 (per person per group 2 guests)
€ 340,00 1 person in exclusive form)
Prezzi (one day)€ 300,00 (per person per group 3 guests)
€ 350,00 (per person per group 2 guests)
€ 650,00 (1 person in exclusive form)
To wearHat, protective cream