Fishing Tourism Borea

Marine activities carried out by Borea consist of a set of experiences aimed at enhancing an old fishing industry. Fishing Tourism will allow you to experience a typical day by a fisherman with competent personnel in the fishing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

You will come across fascinating and unique landscapes that are framed on a backdrop, clear and colorful, populated by a variety of species such as tuna, daggers, horns, curls, dolphins, and so on.

Thanks to a refreshment stop for fruit and drinks, you can dive in crystal clear waters and relax while listening to the sound of the sea. Captain Mirko aboard his fishing boat will allow you to enjoy a unique experience.

We offer you different routes from the port of Ognina.

We are available on request for personalized excursions throughout the day and we provide a paid shuttle service.

NotesFor security reasons, hikes will take place on favorable weather conditions
DurationAbout 4/5 hours
Price per person€ 70,00 (for maximum 5 people)
BringHat, protective cream

Itinerary Scirocco

The Fishing Tourism tour begins with the welcome and boarding from the port of Ognina at 7.30am. The day begins with sailing to the fishing area with the opportunity to exchange two chats with Captain Mirko who will be happy to explain all the equipment on board. In this excursion the technique that will be used will be that of the Post Network.

Once you get to the fishing point, you are preparing for the retrieval of the nets, you can actively participate in all the operations by becoming part of the crew for a day, feeling the thrill of living a routine day with the fishermen and discovering with them the areas best fishing and the secrets of the craft.

When you return we will stop for a short break where you can enjoy an aperitif in total relaxation and immerse yourself in crystal clear waters.

Itinerary Libeccio

Unlike the Scirocco excursion, the Libeccio itinerary will allow you to participate in fishing operations from the time the net is thrown at sea to catch the catch. Immediately after completing the first fishing phase you will have to wait two hours. Itinerary Libeccio

During this waiting, you will be served an aperitif, which you can enjoy watching the wonderful wonders of the natural landscapes Plemmirio coast gives us and the spectacle, always extremely exciting, that is the sunset.

Taking advantage of the colorful shades that are formed by meeting the lights of this phenomenon and clear water, you can immerse yourself in this splendor to make this experience authentic.