Mourn The Plemmirio

It is a wall diving suitable for all divers, as it does not have any particular difficulty

Degree of difficultyLow for both itineraries
Maximum Depth23 meters (green route)
30 meters (red route)
Duration35 minutes (green route)
45 minutes (red route)
Protected sea areaB


We descend along the top of the gavitello and reach the bottom of a dense prairie of posidonia, and heading west we find, first, a small step from 17 to 19 meters, and then a ridge that reaches up to 25 meters on a bottom that degrades gently up to over 30 meters. The whole area is covered by large nobilis fins and numerous white stone blocks that testify to the fishing activities of the neighboring tonnara of Terrauzza. Following the cliff on our left we observe the anfratives colored by various benthic orgasms, then we find the entrance of a cave that opens onto a muddy backdrop. After the cave the ridge degrades sideways alternating areas where the wall shows the rock, to others where it is covered by posidonia. Following the ridge on our left we find a small canal perpendicular to the wall, inside which there is a large nobilis fin. From here we start returning to the gavitello accompanied by trolls and corvine that quietly swim in the poseidonia.