Cape Of Meli

It is a wall diving suitable for all divers, as it does not have any particular difficulty.

Degree of difficultyLow for both itineraries
Maximum Depth20 meters (green route)
25 meters (red route)
Duration35 minutes (green route)
45 minutes (red route)
Interest Not to be missed
Protected sea areaB


We go down the top of the gavitello up to 12 meters on a white rock plain sinking up to 20 feet on a backdrop that alternates sandy areas at posidonia prairies. Descending from the ridge we approach some blocks of white stone so we approach the semicircular opening of a cave. Below the entrance vault, we see many sponges of coral coral and trine of sea. Following the ridge to our right we get deep horizontal horizons that sponges often offer shelter to squirrels and scorpions. Along the ridge, hidden from the poseidonia, there are nobilis fins and three large blocks of stone with a central hole, these are the return point we will make with the ridge on our left. Reducing the depth, we see a rock roof, shelter of a grouper, and then a large passage leading into a rocky cove surrounded by vertical walls colored by sea-lover’s and sponges. Here is the encounter with scorpions, octopus, pagur and saraghi. Get out of this pond, follow the rush that takes us back to the gavitello, and, before we go back, we fly on the plateau near the fall because it is probable that the encounter with hundreds of barracudas will calm you close.