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If excitement and adventure attract you, you will probably become a “greedy” PADI scuba diver PADI. You only need the following requirements:

Minimum age:

10 years and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children aged over 12 years just need parental approval. Kids aged less tha 15 will get the Junior Open Water Diver PADI certification, that may be upgraded to Open Water Diver PADI after reaching age 15.

Medical requirements

All students are required to complete a short medical questionnaire to flag any physical desease to avoid safety problems while diving. If deseases are not on that list, just sign and get ready to start. Otherwise you will be asked to contact your doctor as safety precaution. He will evaluate if your conditions have contraindications for underwater activity and will certify that you can dive. In some areas local laws require all students to undergo a medical examination before enrolling underwater courses.

Swimming skills

Before completing the PADI Open Water Diver Course, students must show they can swim until 200 metres / yards (300 metres / yards with mask, fins and snorkel). There is no time limit for doing it, using your favourite swimming style. You will also have to prove that you float for 10 minutes, using a technique you prefer.

About physical effort

Any person having the requirements of the course, will be certified.

There are many adaptable techniques to reach these requirements even for those who have some physical disadvantage.

It is absolutely common that paraplegics, amputated people or other people with limitations get Open Water Diver PADI certification: even those with the most severe physical limitations can dive.

For more information, talk to your PADI Instructor, at your local Dive Center or Resort PADI.

Let’s Start…

Choosing your gear is part of the underwater fun. We will help you you find the right one: each component performs a different function but in its whole it fits you to the underwater world. To find out more about the standard gear needed for recreational diving, move your mouse over the figure of the scuba diver.

Starting with a PADI Open Water Diver course, you must have your own mask, fins and personal snorkel: Your local Diving Center or PADI Resort will help you choose the one that suits you. Many diving center usually provide most of the requested gear, paying a rental fee. Speak with your local Dive Center or PADI Resort. When you start a course, you will be suggested to buy part of a gear for the following reasons:

using well-selected equipment, you will feel more comfortable as you learn;

using your size equipment, you will be more comfortable;

divers who have their own equipment dive more frequently;

having your own equipment is part of the fun in diving.

The right type of diving gear depends from the conditions in which you will immerse yourself: tropics, temperate or cold waters, technical diving.

How To Choose Your Gear

It’s simple: no diving gear is best of another.

But there’s the one that is best for you.

There’s an incredible variety of underwater gear to satisfy every needs and sizes. Your local Dive Center or Resort PADI can help you choose the most suitable gear for your taste, size and cost: they can reccomend you for a correct and more lasting use of the one you have chosen. Find your local Dive Center or PADI Resort.